About Us

LA Juice Shop is your source of the freshest and highest quality fruit and vegetable juices in the United States.

If you want to integrate fruits and vegetable juices to your daily diet, there is no other supplier that you should look into other than LA Juice Shop. This is because with us, you can be assured that you are taking in your daily recommended intake of vitamins and nutrients. LA Juice Shop is the only supplier of the finest organic juices, ensuring a healthier you.

In 2012, LA Juice Shop was established as a micro enterprise dedicated to providing juices to Americans. We were the first to pioneer the genuine fresh juice concept that does not involve chemicals, extenders and artificial flavors. All of our juices are natural and freshly squeezed, coming from freshly picked and harvested fruits and vegetables from farms all over the United States. Our concept was simple, partner with farmers from different parts of the United States who grow fruits and vegetables without the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals. In doing so, we are assuring the health benefits of our juices for each and every American.

Now, we are the number one producer of healthy juices in the United States. The people have recognized the health benefits of taking our products and implementing a juice diet. We hope that you will be one of these as the health benefits of juicing is imaginable.

As we bring the concept of healthy living to more American households, we continue to do our best to improve our products and services. We work with nutritionists and chemists to continuously develop new lines pf juices. What we are developing are not only healthy. They are also yummy, unlike other manufacturers in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Try our products now.